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Who We Treat


While we work with a with a wide range of Long Island residents — from millennials to senior citizens — most of our clients fall into one of the following categories:

Working Professionals

Meet us at your home early morning, after work, or in the office at lunch time since time is limited. You don't have to sit in traffic or sit in a waiting room. Most importantly the 60 minutes are completely for you - every minute is about you so your appointment will be efficient. Often a five minute check-in phone call can decrease the number follow ups needed, saving you both time and money.


You don't have to choose between spending time with kids and getting better. It’s difficult to find time to step away, it’s stressful to take the kids with you or to find a sitter - let us come to you and take all of that stress out of the equation.

Fall Risk

Did you know that using three or more prescription drugs increases your likelihood of a fall? People that have issues with their balance and concern for falls need a therapist to make sure that we take every precaution to make your home as safe as possible while working hard to better your balance.

Busy Kids

You're child got hurt and now they need PT and you have no idea how you are going to be able to make it to these appointments on top of their extracurricular activities AND your other kids activities. I will come to you or we can coordinate with your child’s school about meeting at the school during lunch, PE, or right before/after school.

Chronic Conditions

Do you have a condition that isn’t going to go away, but will require continued management? Unlike traditional physical therapy we can continue to see you and help manage your condition without worrying about insurance concerns. Examples of conditions we treat are hypermobility syndromes, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme Disease and many other chronic conditions.

Interested in Wellness

For those who would like to start being more active, but are worried about their health or where to start - we are the best place to start!

Acute Care

After surgery or an injury, it is important to get skilled care as soon as possible - the sooner you get started, the better your chances of making a full recovery and sooner. We can help patients get better sooner by starting at home while it is still difficult to leave the house. If you can’t drive yourself you don’t have to depend on families and friends to drive you!

One Step Further

Discharged from traditional therapy, but still feel there is progress to be made? We can continue to work with you.

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