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Golf Screen

Would you like to improve your golf swing?

Often times, our performance on a golf course is restricted due to limitations in strength, flexibility, balance and endurance issues that will result in higher scores, and eventually lost play time due to an injury.

We are able to assess and correct the swing altering physical factors.

Before your first visit we will discuss your lifestyle, health, any past injuries, and what your golf game looks like now, as well as what you would like to achieve with therapy. We will come up with a time and place to meet and you will receive paperwork to complete before your first visit.










Your first visit will include:



A quick review of the paperwork so we can address anything not discussed during our phone conversation.

Available here


Vitals check

A quick check of your blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation at home to get a baseline. A check in your own environment without the stress of being in a doctors office will be more accurate.


Strength and mobility assessment

A thorough strength and mobility assessment is needed as I believe in a whole body approach, I will make sure to take the time that we have together to thoroughly examine every joint involved in your swing.


Special Tests

We will complete special tests associated with your symptoms to make sure that our treatment plan is the best fit for you.


Video Analysis

Video analysis is a great way to pinpoint a movement issue, especially in your golf swing. I will take a video of your swing and send you a full analysis as well as exercises to complete based on my findings later.

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