Physical Therapy for the Everyday Adventurer

 Dr. Kiley Holmes

Founder and Physical Therapist



At PhysioRoam, we are patient-focused, not treatment focused. We are an insurance-free practice. 


We believe in the mobile physical therapy model: there is no wait time, you will see the same provider every visit, and the appointment is one on one with no distractions.

By focusing on each patient individually, we are able to get patients better faster, saving the patient both time and money!


Have pain in an area of your body, but do not know how to treat it? Let's evalute your condition for the best treatment plan!


Consistent treatment and follow through is essential for your body to start feeling better. Let's get you on a treatment plan!

I saw Kiley for both my knee issues and after my hip surgery. My dad saw her for his shoulder, after going to an appointment with him I knew I had to have her as my physical therapist! She pays immense attention to detail and greatly personalizes your treatment. It's clear she knows her stuff, and she has the certifications to prove it. She has a lot of experience in different physical therapy settings and has seen it all!
 - S. Taylor

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